About Us

Our sole aim is to deliver that little extra. To be a bit hungrier, smarter and more organized.

Our history

Wicked Servers was founded in 2009 with the clear vision of bringing the most reliable, secure, and affordable hosting available online. We are proud to empower the websites of businesses and individuals from almost every country in existance.
We understands that there are many hosting companies like ours out there and that everyone of them are striving to be the best of the best. We like to separate ourself from the others by offering outstanding customer service, focus on quality, guaranteed uptime and above all dedication to create long-lasting customer relationships.

We have servers, currently based in France, Germany, Canada, USA and the Netherlands on some of the fastest and most robust networks in the world. This allows super-fast upload and download speeds and makes accessing your website easy and fast. Our servers are maintained in a perfect temperature, controlled and monitored environment to keep uptime to a maximum, with technical staff onsite at the data-centres 24/7 monitoring our servers instantaneously ready to fix any fault that may occur.

Thank you for considering Wicked Servers.

Why Us

Sure, we could sit here all day spitting out numerous reasons why we are better than most of the other web hosts out there. But, then again, time is money and we don't want to waste your time! So to make up for it, we decided to come up with a small list of the best reasons to choose us for all of your web hosting needs.

Reliable ServiceReliable Services

Rest assured that we go the extra mile to make sure every service we provide is done to your satisfaction. Our uptime guarantee is in place to ensure you that your website will always be accessable. A well developed fully redunant network with a strong provider (Leaseweb) is just one reason we are able to guarantee you some of the most reliable web hosting available today.

Quality ServersQuality Servers

Our servers are located at EvoSwitch, EUNetworks, Ecatel, Telecity, Equinix Data Centers and in France either in Paris or Roubaix. The network has high speed peering to a number of countries in Europe with links all over the world. We only use components of the highest quality in our dedicated server builds. You can be reassured that we guarantee all the components in your server for life, and will replace them immediately if they fail or are not working as they should. We use the best possible hardware available so that this does not happen.

Support24/7 Knowledgeable Support Staff

Support is fundemental. You shouldn't have to worry about whether your website is up or down - we'll look after that. We'll also look after you. We're not here simply to make sure your website is up, we're here to make sure it's up the way you want it to be. We thrive on customer satisfaction, and go out of our way to make sure that you have no reason to be unhappy with your service. Our technical support representatives will be more than happy to walk you through any problem or question you may have and help you to experience optimal pleasure of your service.

99.9% Uptime99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Unlike many other web hosting companies, this isn't a lie! Just how much do we "guarantee" our 99.8% uptime agreement? If we don't hold our end of the bargain we will refund you one months hosting bill.
Our redundant powered network provides not only extremely fast speeds, but amazing uptime as well!

FeaturesUnlimited Features

For many customers it may be months before they actually realize which features they are limited to in their control panel. Not only do we tell you upfront exactly what certain limits are, most of our plans have no limits! Our management control panel allows you to hard reboot your server yourself at any time, and obvserve bandwidth graphs of your usage over a daily/weekly/monthly/annual period and much much more...

No OverZero Overselling

Overselling is the means of taking a server, and selling off more space and bandwidth then the server can actually hold. Many web hosting providers do this in hopes their users will not use up all of their space.
By doing this the company will actually cram more data onto the server then it should technically have. Wicked Servers never participates in overselling of any kind.