Affiliate Program

Refer your visitors to Wicked Servers and get upto 50 commission per referral!

Wicked Server's affiliate program provides our valued customers an tremendous opportunity for furthering their own online endeavors through our dedicated servers affiliate program. The way it works is simple- for all of those who place a dedicated server order on our website citing you as a referrer, you get paid. Not a discount, not credit for other Wicked Servers services - but an actual cash payment (you can also take it as a credit if you desire).
Our low prices, top notch technical support, and extra server features sell themselves!

Cookie Tracking Enabled

One of the best features about our web hosting affiliate program is the cookie feature. When you send a visitor to our website a cookie will be placed in their browser for 90 days. This means if that visitor decides to come back at a later date and purchase a product / package you will still get commission on the sale!

Reliable Payments

We pay on a NET+60 basis. This means you will be paid the last day in Mars for earnings made in January. Then, the last day in April for earnings made in February. So on and so fourth. This pay schedule has proven to work best for both the affiliates and the company. We are pleased to say that we have never missed a payday to any of our affiliates!

Low Minimum Cashout

Many other web hosting affiliate programs make you earn a great deal of money before you can request to be paid. We only require you to earn a minimum of 50 EUR before you can request your earnings to be paid out.

How do I get my affiliate commission?

When your affiliate's balance reaches the affiliate minimum payout amount / safe period (safe period is a time waited before paying commission to prevent paying commission on fraudulant orders) a request withdrawal button will appear on the affiliate page in the clientarea (when signed in). Clicking this will open a support ticket to tell us that you wish to receive your commission and credit will then be added to your account once the support have processed your request.

How do I register?

Creating your free account is extremely simple. Just visit our registration page and register. You'll immediately receive a confirmation message for access to our client and affiliate area. From there you can view special coupons, promotions, sample links, and much more.