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seedbox,seed box,seedboxes, seed boxes Our shared servers are dedicated servers we have setup for multiple customers. We put only a small number of customers per server, each have their own WebUI and sections of the drive so everything is secure/private. Our shared seedboxes are hosted at LeaseWeb data center, LeaseWeb is one of the biggest hosting network in Europe but no matter where you are, you will benefit from our fast servers. We never limit your torrents or your bandwidth so you are able to move as much traffic as possible each month while our servers remain fast and stable.
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HDD Storage 500 GB 740 GB 1380 GB
Memory 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB
Download Speed 100Mbit 1Gbit 1Gbit
Upload Speed 100Mbit 250Mbit 250Mbit
Users Per Server up to 8 up to 8 up to 8
Monthly Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Personal Control Panel
SSH Access
Server Location
Public Trackers Just DL, NO UP Just DL, NO UP Just DL, NO UP
Setup Time Instant Setup!! Instant Setup!! Instant Setup!!
Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands
EarthBOX WindBOX FireBOX



HDD Storage 50 GB 100 GB 150 GB
Memory 4 GB Shared 8 GB Shared 16 GB Shared
Network Capacity Shared 100Mbit Dedicated 100Mbit Shared 1Gbit
Users Per Server up to 5 up to 8 up to 8
Monthly Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Personal Control Panel
SSH Access
Server Location
Public Trackers Just DL, NO UP Just DL, NO UP Just DL, NO UP
Setup Time 1 - 24 Hours 1 - 24 Hours 1 - 24 Hours
France France France
Web Interface ruTorrent WebUI ruTorrent WebUI ruTorrent WebUI
Create Torrents
Uncompress files
RSS Support
AutoDL Irssi
FTP Access
SFTP Access
FXP Access
BTSync Support
Direct HTTPS Access
Encrypted Web Sessions
Encrypted FTP Sessions
OpenVPN Support


There are a myriad of factors that can impact the speed you receive when retrieving your files via FTP from our services. The test below is meant to allow you an easy way to compare the performance between servers in various locations as they will impact your FTP Speed. Your transfer speeds from the server are determined not just by the plan you have with your ISP, but also by your peering to our server. Before your connection reaches our server, it has to pass through multiple other locations. If any of these locations are experiencing issues (maintenance, congestion, etc), it can affect your transfer speeds. It will typically be the case that the closer the server is to you geographically, the better FTP Speeds that you will achieve and the more stable your connection will be.

Download testfile Netherlands (Evoswitch): Test IP : Test Bin Files : 100MB |1000MB | 10000MB
Download testfile France (OVH): Test IP : Test Bin Files : 100MB | 1000MB | 10000MB

Stay Protected

If you are a cautious person, then even buying a cheap seedbox to use on trackers will help you feel a lot more secure. Our servers will act as a proxy between you and torrent trackers, so your personal information, such as your IP address, is kept completely private. This means you will not be susceptible to hacking attempts and organizations trying to harvest IPs attached to certain content. Instead you remain completely anonymous.

Build Good Ratios

Ratios are extremely important on private trackers. To stay on most of them, you need at least a 1.00 ratio. If your ISP provides low upload bandwidth or throttles torrent connections, maintaining a positive ratio can be difficult. Getting a seedbox fixes all of this, as you will be able to reach a 1.00+ ratio on any torrent you download, without fear of having to seed a torrent for months to get a positive ratio.

Maximize your speed

Waiting ages for slow downloads due to a low quantity/quality of seeds can be a frustrating experience. The best seedboxes are hosted on high-speed connections which will alleviate all of that frustration, as all of your torrents will finish downloading far faster than they would have on your home connection. You will also be able to max out your download speed when you retrieve your files via FTP.