So we all have questions, and this is the page for questions regarding our services. The answers provided here may or may not have any bearing on your problem or lack there of, but they are the most common questions and answers we encounter when interacting with you, our customer. This area is being constantly updated, so please check back from time to time. Also, if your question is not answered on this page, please submit a ticket to ask your question.

What is a shared server?

Shared server means you are on the same server as other users, and you partially share resources such as network connection, processors, and RAM with them.

Can i share my Seedbox/VPS/Streambox with my friend(s)

No. Practically that uses almost as much resources as there is users, due to increased addition of new torrents, deleting/transferring/copying/archiving data etc. You need dedicated server, or multiple services if you want to share.

Where do I start?

We always recommend you start small. You should never start to big, as it may get harder and you won't know how to use it's full abilities. We recommend you start with a shared seedbox (any one of them) and then move your way up to a full dedicated server. This way, you will understand how everything works and you won't waste time figuring out the basics. But if you know what your doing, no one's stopping you!

Since this is a shared server, will the other people on my server know what I'm downloading?

No, other users on the seedbox DO NOT see your torrents passkey OR your IP, they also do not see any other information you wouldn't want them to see. FTP accounts and users accounts are restricted to only the users folder and nobody else has access to your files for your privacy and safety.

What program do you use?

The main 2 BitTorrent clients out there: rTorrent+ruTorrent and Deluge. The clients are setup by default on all Seedbox slots, and can be accessed at any time via web interfaces.

Won't the server have too little bandwidth available if its shared?

No. Most network usage is in short bursts. This means high bandwidth usage for a short period of time and then relatively low bandwidth usage most of the time. As a result, most of the time there is plenty of bandwidth available.

Is there a bandwidth cap on shared servers?

No cap, no limits, no shaping.

Are your servers dedicated hardware?

All of our shared servers are based on fully dedicated machines divided amongst the number of users on that plan.

Can you create a custom plan for me?

No, Sorry. We offer a large variety of plans and we feel we have something for everyone.

Do I get root? Can I install stuff?

We do not offer root access to shared boxes only on the dedicated. If everybody got root, nobody's data would be secure and private. Without root you cannot install software.

Do you allow public trackers?

We allow public trackers and UDP trackers on certain plans listed on our website. In order to be able to support all public trackers, we have put measures in place to limit uploading to public trackers as well as stop torrents from broadcasting our IP's. While downloading from Public trackers, we do not allow speeds to be higher then 0.1KB/s and all uploading will stop as soon as the torrent has been completed. This ensures the best security for all of our users as well as ensures bandwidth is not being abused.

Do you install everything for me including the client or would i have to do it myself?

We install everything for you!

Do you have a rar/unrar support? and if so, how is it done?

We offer rar and unrar through our "Filemanager" plugin. Its very simple to do, just right click and rar/unrar.

I need torrent client upload slots increased/other changes!!

This is expressly forbidden! In very rare cases, such as adding watch directories we can do this under a administrative ticket (however, you may loose those settings if we have to make updates to your account via automation).

Peer counts, upload slots etc. are optimized to provide the best overall performance for all users on the server, not just you. Using tricks to make changes to these settings will result in service termination and is considered abuse of service.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept Paypal, Skrill and Bitcoin, but since no Paypal or Skrill account is required to pay the invoice, we can accept most major credit cards.

I use another payment provider, will you accept this?
No, sorry.

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, We offer discounts for long term contracts for our Seedboxes. Our discounts structure is as follows:

  • 10% off when you pay for 3 months of service at a time
  • 15% off when you pay for 6 months of service at a time
  • 20% off when you pay for 12 months of service at a time

Whats the policy for Wicked Servers regarding log files. Do you guys keep logs of clients IP addresses and activity?
The servers do keep logs, but they are emptied every 1-2 weeks. This is necessary for our protection as well as to avoid hacking attempts and unauthorized access to your servers. As said we clean them out every few weeks and have no interest in backing them up as we do not need to know what you are doing.

How do you keep billing info?
We keep billing info in a server which is separate from any of our seedboxes. Your details are encrypted and not shared. We have a very high regard for privacy and have no interest in knowing who you are or where you live as long as you aren't doing anything fraudulent.

I have a problem with my account should I suffer in silence?

Certainly NOT ! if you have a problem you should contact us straight away. We pride ourselves on fast and friendly customer support. Just ask.

What modes of support do you have ?

We have Ticket system and Email.

Its been over 24 hours and I have not recieved any emails from Wicked Servers?

Check your junk inbox, if you have no emails contact us and add our contact email into your contact list (sales@tal0ne.co.uk) as we send emails immediately after you placed the order to confirm the order. Login details are always sent within 24 hours.


What setup will I need to do once I get my seedbox?

Every seedbox is set up for each customer free of charge and comes ready to go. Absolutely no setup needed.


Are there any hidden fees or charges?

NO, there are no hidden fees regardless of how much you use the seedbox.


Can I downgrade/upgrade?

Unfortunately it's not possible, you will have to place a new order and cancel the unwanted service if you would like to downgrade or upgrade your account.


What speed can I reach on the shared account?

It's hard to say. We don't create limits, the speed is allotted dynamically. You might download/send 11 MB/s but it might be a few MB/s. What it mostly depends on is the number of users who share the server and how active they are.


Some sites demand that I leech/seed from the same IP address I download the .torrent file from. How can I do that in a seedbox?

You are able to enter the URL of the torrent file that you are looking to download and download it straight to your box to avoid any IP confusion with said tracker.


How to choose the right seedbox?

If you are willing to spend 5-15EUR, the choice is not big, however if you can spend more, there is a variety of options.

You have to decide if you need a seedbox with 100Mbps or 1Gbps. If you are not an uploader or a very active user, it's no use buying an account with 1Gbps. To reach such speed, you have to download new torrents where there is one seed and a lot of peers. If we download old files on 1 Gbps where a lot of people seed, there is no chance for us to upload much, and large speed can only be seen on download. 1 Gbps accounts are for the more active users, who are able to find new, freshly uploaded torrents or they are uploaders. Of course it also matters what tracker we are on, because there are trackers where we cannot do much with 100 mbps, because most users have 1 Gbps accounts. However, these are used by more advanced users who do not need the information presented above.


When we know what account we need, i.e. whether that should be 100Mbps or 1Gbps, we try to find the right offer. The most significant factor concerning the speed is how many people we will share the server with. Therefore we should look for accounts with the smallest number of users on a given server. That should be your main criterion so if you can afford a one-person seedbox, you should go for it and not a shared one. In this case the seedbox is only at our disposal with all its resources and most importantly the connection which is either 100mbps or 1Gbps. We can use the whole of our connection any time we want, which is important for fast trackers where a lot of people use seedboxes and seeding can turn out hard.


If you cannot afford a one-person seedbox, you need to look for a shared one. There is quite a choice here at a number of prices and with a variety of parameters. However you still need to take into account the most important factor which is the number of users on one seedbox. Now the next step is to choose between more HDD or a few active torrents more. Unfortunately there are more and more HD films or large packs of files where 50-60 HDD is still not enough, so if you download such torrents, you should look for accounts with more HDD but that means fewer active torrents. If you download small files (mp3, divx etc.) and HDD is not of such great importance you can look for a seedbox with less HDD but more active torrents.


Not satisfied with Our common Questions?

We won't let you down by using our services.So If you are not satisfied with the common questions and answers we provided above, then just give us a message highlighting your doubts through the send message facility provided in the Contact Us page. We assure that we'll clear your doubts within hours.

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