What is a VPS?

Introduction to VPS Hosting

In short, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is just a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. VPS hosting is also known as semi-dedicated hosting because it takes a "slice" of an actual dedicated hardware node and creates a virtual server using virtualization technology. The virtual server would have it's own dedicated resources including RAM, disk space, CPU Power, and bandwidth that is taken from the dedicated host node itself.

The host node of a VPS often features high-end server grade hardware as the server's resources can be allocated towards many virtualized servers within it. Wicked Servers features high-end servers with at least 32GB RAM and dual quad core processors to ensure that our VPS are performing at an industry standard level and no less. A VPS is cost effective for those who want the power of such high-end resources but do not require a fully dedicated server. In most cases, a VPS hosted on a high-end node would out perform some of the low-end fully dedicated servers just because of the hardware that a VPS node features.

Benefits of a Virtual Private Server

Each VPS has it's own dedicated allocation of resources which includes RAM (memory), disk space, CPU Power, and bandwidth. With dedicated resources you will experience much better performance and reliability than the traditional shared hosting environment.

You can choose and install your own operating systems. You are no longer limited to the single operating system that your host gives you when you were in a shared hosting environment. You now have the freedom to install and reload any Linux OS you want!

Remotely reboot or shut down your VPS at any time. You will be able to reboot your own virtual server whenever you wish. You basically have full control of your own server as if it was a dedicated server.

Fully scalable solutions. Feel free to start off with a small VPS plan and add more resources as you need. Upgrades are performed instantly and do not induce any downtime!

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