How can I cancel my service?

To cancel your account you need to login to your client area,

  • Select "Services / My Services"
  • Then choose which package you want to cancel and click on the icon to the right of your products "View Details"
  • Select "Management Actions" and click Request Cancellation.

There are two options to choose from:

Immediate cancellation: The service will be switched off within 24h, even if there is still a longer period till the end of the time paid for. The money for the time not used is not refunded.

End of Billing Period: The service will be switched off when the period paid for is over.

Please choose one of the options and press the Request Cancellation button. After resigning from your service you will get email confirmation.

Note: Refunds/Partial Refunds cannot be given for early cancellations. If you have also created a subscription with a payment gateway (eg. Paypal) these will need to be canceled manually via your payments site account.
We cannot refund any subscription payments for none canceled products after renewal.
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