Our Datacenters & Network Infrastructure

We believe that the network in a data center should not only be of high speed in operation but also secured and reliable. This is because these are some of the most wanted features by any dedicated hosting customers. This has encouraged us to equip our data centers with the latest technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure when it comes to fulfill the diverse hosting needs. Blooming with the aspiration to become the top-notch dedicated server provider on a global platform, we strive hard to maintain 99.99% uptime irrespective of the bandwidth options on offer.

Only Branded Routers at Work

Our network comprises of datacenters in Netherlands and Germany, which boast one of the best infrastructure facilities in the world. We only utilize the Cisco CRS-3 and MX-960 3D routers from Juniper in our hierarchical and scalable infrastructure to offer the ultimate performance and maximum satisfaction. These routers interconnect our datacenters set up in different geographical locations with high-speed network links so that there is no delay in access at any point of time. In short, all our servers connect to high-speed public and private dedicated ports on routers to make our network a top solution.

High-Speed Transit and Peering Services

We are happy to offer our own proprietary transit and peering links that come with the capacity of over 10Gbps. Such high-speed links enable you to enjoy extra traffic to specific other networks that are available as third party connections in the spectrum of our network. Additionally, we run several first-class carriers for connecting our servers featuring dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for best network performance. In case of any unexpected working of peering connections, we ensure that the same traffic is directed via a paid transit connection over our Tier-1 transit network. In order to avail this facility, our customers just have to select the suitable package. Because we are committed to offer fast and reliable network connections, we offer high bandwidth choices, Tier-1 transit system with selected peering and transit networks on public and private networks, several physical connections, port aggregation, and branded hardware units. You will always be ensured of quality routing performance, secured network connectivity, and redundancy irrespective of the time and location of access.

Diverse Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

We have different Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to fulfill your diverse and growing requirements. Through our Tier-1 transit services, we guarantee you minimum latency and high-speed connection that keeps any type of congestion in the network at bay. Therefore, you can rely on our network whenever you have diverse requirements to execute your expensive IT venture.

Our Network Highlights

- 99.999% Core Uptime
- Biometric authorization
- Juniper and Cisco network equipment
- Dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
- Multiple peering links along with 10GigE transit system
- Security measures such as firewalls, antivirus, and auto logout at fixed intervals of idle sessions
- Adequate hardware stock for quick replacement or repair
- Maintenance at regular intervals with prior notifications via e-mails

Although there are all arrangements for offering you a robust and foolproof network, we cannot deny that there will be no problem at all. Therefore, we believe in proactive approach due to which we have set up a support team that works 24x7x365. We take pride in revealing that all our dedicated packages and service are economical. What's even more on your comfort side is the facility of consulting our technical staff to help you chose the ideal network available as per your IT needs and budget. That said; there is no chance for you to go wrong with our service.